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Summer 2012 – some ideas

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped to make our 2011/12 seasons a success. As we start planning for our last film of the season (The Skin I Live In on 20 May), we also need to start thinking about what we’re going to be doing over the summer.

Last summer, I organized a series of screenings which was attended by only the valiant few. Worcester Arts Workshop lost money all summer on these screenings and we cannot let that happen again.

So I’m looking to all of you for ideas. Essentially I see us having three options:

  1. We continue as we have, by scheduling new World Cinema releases, but maybe just once a month.
  2. Several people have asked about more ‘cult cinema’ nights, and maybe we should schedule some older and more cult-y movies (again, about once a month)
  3. We go on holiday and programme an amazing autumn schedule

If we’re going to schedule anything for the summer, we need to act (somewhat) fast. Please leave your comments on this post, email me at splendidcinema@live.co.uk or on our Facebook page.

Thanks again,



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