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The Hunt (Thomas Vinterberg, 2012) on 24 November

THE-HUNT-POSTERA dangerous lies destroy lives in award winning drama

Thomas Vinterberg returns with his latest film The Hunt (2012), which will be screened at Splendid Cinema on the 24th November.
The Hunt is a story about a man wrongly accused of child molestation. Played with a great skill and sensitivity by Mads Mikkelsen (TV‘s Hannibal), Lucas is a popular member of a tightly bound local community in rural Denmark. He is also a beloved kindergarten teacher whose life transforms after being called into the principal‘s office to find out he is suspected of child abuse. This suspicion quickly becomes a collective hysteria when a child‘s commentary is constantly repeated and re-imagined, which makes Lucas a social outcast and a threat within the once comforting and family-like community.

One of the founding members of the minimalist film movement Dogme 95, director Vinterberg still demonstrates the best values of the movement –  close focus on a story and performance – in The Hunt. The collaboration of Vinterberg and Mikkelsen alone guarantees a sharp, powerful and moving cinematic account on an uneasy subject matter, which is not to be missed.

Critically acclaimed all over Europe, the film was nominated for BAFTA award in the category of the Best Film not in the English Language, winning the Best International Independent Film in British Independent Film Awards, and the Best Actor award for Mads Mikkelsen in Cannes.

Here’s the trailer:

The screening starts at Worcester Arts Workshop on Sansome Street at 6.30pm with the box office open from 6pm. Tickets are £5 in advance or on the door with Café Bliss open for a pre-show treat.


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The Hunt (DK, 2012, Thomas Vinterberg) 115 min. 15 cert.

24 November, 2013

Box office opens at 6pm, film begins at 6:30pm

Tickets £5 on the door, or in advance from

Worcester Arts Workshop, 21 Sansome Street, Worcester, WR1 1UH


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