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The Tribe (UA, NL, Miroslav Slaboshpitsky, 2014) 18 cert

75d71762d166a68dc9700daa53485b50A visceral cinematic experience like no other, The Tribe is a story that needs no translation. Deaf mute Sergey becomes embroiled in the illegal activities of the fearsome gang that rule the specialized boarding school he attends. His burgeoning love for a fellow student however, soon leads him on a collision course with the gang’s hierarchy. In Ukrainian Sign Language (USL), without subtitles. 126 min.

The Tribe feels like something unmistakably, radically new” Variety



Watch the trailer here:

Worcester Arts Workshop, 21 Sansome Street, Worcester, WR1 1UH

10 April, 2016, 18:00 – 20:00, Tickets £5 on the door.


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