This Sunday: Mother (South Korea, 2009, Joon-ho Bong) on 17 February

Mother (2009 film)


No limits to a mother’s love in Korean thriller


The next film to be screened at Splendid Cinema is Mother (2009), the latest film from South Korean director Joon-ho Bong, a film which redefines the cliché about what a mother would do for her children.


The film centres on a devoted mother (Hye-ja Kim) who will stop at nothing to protect her mentally challenged son (Bin Won) from a murder charge she’s positive he is not responsible for. And we mean she will stop at nothing!


Director Bong hit the international stage five or six years ago with the much acclaimed monster movie The Host (2006). He‘s since finished princple photography on his first Hollywood film, Shadowpiercer, which is due out later this year.


The film is notable for its unexpected narrative twists and the director’s exceptional cinematic vision. It questions the nature of motherhood, specifically, how far would a woman go in order to defend her child, making Mother a thought provoking, emotionally resonant social satire, where director’s masterly combined plot-driven realism and atmospheric cinematography make this film a remarkable two-hours.


At the centre of Bong‘s film is the remarkable Hye-ja Kim, as the titular mother, who has earned several international critics‘ awards for her performance. The film too earned several awards, both in Asia and in the West, including the Best Film nod at the Blue Dragon awards (South Korea‘s Oscars).

Don’t believe us about how mind-boggling brilliant this film is? Check out the trailer:

In addition, Worcester’s only independent cinema will also be screening Eventide, a short film by Brian Harley, before Mother as part of the Splendid Cinema’s initiative supporting local filmmakers while also celebrating the best in World Cinema.


The screening starts at Worcester Arts Workshop on Sansome Street at 6.30pm with the box office  open from 6pm. Tickets are £5 in advance or on the door with Café Bliss open for a pre-show treat.


For more information on any of the independent cinema’s screenings, please contact Mikel Koven at, or follow us on Twitter @splendidcinema or our blog


Mother (South Korea, 2009, Joon-ho Bong) 128 min. 15 Cert.

17 February 2013

Box office opens at 6pm, film begins at 6:30pm

Tickets £5 on the door, or in advance from

Worcester Arts Workshop, 21 Sansome Street, Worcester, WR1 1UH



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