Hara-Kiri (Death of a Samurai) (Takeshi Miike, 2011) on 7 October

Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai

Splendid Cinema proudly presents the new film from Takashi Miike, Hara-Kiri.

Splendid Cinema presents Hara-Kiri, the new film from Takashi Miike on October 7th at 7:30pm at Worcester Arts Workshop.

Hara-Kiri (Death of a Samurai) tells the hauntingly beautiful tale of honour, revenge and love which is more subdued than Miike’s usual work with a deeply dramatic and emotional tone. Miike takes his time to develop the story before the film explodes into a glorious sword fight scene much like the magnificent battles seen in his last film, 13 Assassins. Also like 13 Assassins, Miike still shows real flare for capturing Japanese history and culture with some gorgeous cinematography, whilst still keeping the visceral action sequences- think Unforgiven with swords. Miike presents his own take on a traditional samurai tale, but those who are unfamiliar with them are in for a treat with Miike’s quiet and assured film.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the trailer!

All films are screened at the Worcester Arts Workshop (21 Sansome Street, Worcester). Box office opens at 7pm on film nights and the films begin at 7:30.  Café Bliss is also open for a pre-show treat.

For more information on any of our films, please contact Mikel Koven at splendidcinema@live.co.uk, or look for us on Facebook.

Hara Kiri (Japan, 2011, Takashi Miike) 126 min. 18 Cert.

7th October 2012

Box office opens at 7pm, film begins at 7:30pm

Tickets £5 on the door

Worcester Arts Workshop, 21 Sansome Street, Worcester, WR1 1UH



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