Schedule change: The Skin I Live In on 20 May

The Skin I Live In

A changed to the advertised schedule: Pedro Almodovar‘s magnificient The Skin I Live In will replace the previously announced film, Snabba Cash.

Basically, Snabba Cash is being handled exclusively by The Weinstein Company and they’ve not replied to any of my emails to inquire about the rights to this film. And there appears to be no UK distributor or DVD contact for this film. It’s a great film, but trying to chase the Weinstein Company about is tiresome. So, it’s easier to replace it…

We’re replacing it with Pedro Almodovar’s brilliant The Skin I Live Inwhich reunites the director with Antonio Banderas, for the first time since 1990’s Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Here is the trailer for The Skin I Live In: 

The Skin I Live In is 15 cert and will be shown 20 May, 2012 at the Worcester Arts Workshop. The box office will open that evening at 7:00PM for a 7:30 film start. As always, Cafe Bliss will be open for pre-film drinks.

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One response to “Schedule change: The Skin I Live In on 20 May

  1. This film is excellent. An amazing piece of genre bending without it ever feeling like anything other than an Almodovar film.

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