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Summer 2012 – some ideas

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped to make our 2011/12 seasons a success. As we start planning for our last film of the season (The Skin I Live In on 20 May), we also need to start thinking about what we’re going to be doing over the summer.

Last summer, I organized a series of screenings which was attended by only the valiant few. Worcester Arts Workshop lost money all summer on these screenings and we cannot let that happen again.

So I’m looking to all of you for ideas. Essentially I see us having three options:

  1. We continue as we have, by scheduling new World Cinema releases, but maybe just once a month.
  2. Several people have asked about more ‘cult cinema’ nights, and maybe we should schedule some older and more cult-y movies (again, about once a month)
  3. We go on holiday and programme an amazing autumn schedule

If we’re going to schedule anything for the summer, we need to act (somewhat) fast. Please leave your comments on this post, email me at or on our Facebook page.

Thanks again,


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Schedule change: The Skin I Live In on 20 May

The Skin I Live In

A changed to the advertised schedule: Pedro Almodovar‘s magnificient The Skin I Live In will replace the previously announced film, Snabba Cash.

Basically, Snabba Cash is being handled exclusively by The Weinstein Company and they’ve not replied to any of my emails to inquire about the rights to this film. And there appears to be no UK distributor or DVD contact for this film. It’s a great film, but trying to chase the Weinstein Company about is tiresome. So, it’s easier to replace it…

We’re replacing it with Pedro Almodovar’s brilliant The Skin I Live Inwhich reunites the director with Antonio Banderas, for the first time since 1990’s Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Here is the trailer for The Skin I Live In: 

The Skin I Live In is 15 cert and will be shown 20 May, 2012 at the Worcester Arts Workshop. The box office will open that evening at 7:00PM for a 7:30 film start. As always, Cafe Bliss will be open for pre-film drinks.

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Splendid Cinema teams up with WorcesterLive!

WorcesterLive & the Swan Theatre have teamed up this summer with Splendid cinema to present 3 very special screenings.

Our first film is the remarkable Oscar nominated dance documentary, Pina (Wim Wenders, 2011), on 7 May, 2012. Pina is a visually stunning film about the choreography of famed German modern dancer Pina Bausch, that’s not so much a documentary as a celebration of her life and work. Several famous set-pieces are magnifcently recreated for the flm, while the dancers from her company reminisce about the impact she had on her life. This may very well be the ultimate in dance flms.

Pina is screening on 7 May (May Bank Holiday) at 7:30 PM at the Swan Theatre. This film is rated U.

Tickets are £5 (£4 concessions) through the Swan Theatre box office:

We will be screening other films at the Swan across the summer.

25 June: Gainsbourg (Joann Sfar, 2010) rated 15

16 July: Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold, 2011) rated 15

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The Mill & the Cross (Lech Majewski, 2011)

Putting the art back into art-cinema

On 22nd April, Splendid Cinema is putting the ‘art’ back into ‘art-cinema’! Splendid Cinema, in cooperation with Polish filmmaker Lech Majewski, ahead of any UK distribution, is very excited to be presenting The Mill & the Cross (2011).

The Mill & the Cross is not a straightforward narrative film; although at one level, the film depicts 16th Century Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder (played magnificently by Rutger Hauer), painting his 1564 masterpiece “The Procession to Calvary”.

What makes “Procession to Calvary” such a remarkable piece of 16th century Flemish art is how Bruegel populates his crowded scene with images taken from contemporary life. While central to the painting is obviously Christ carrying his cross, the images in the painting are from 16th century Belgium, not 33 AD Judea.

In order to convey how Bruegel uses contemporary Flemish society to witness Christ’s crucifixion, The Mill & the Cross presents us with

snippets of early modern Flemish folk-life as the artist himself would have seen it. Majewski then demonstrates, through Hauer’s performance, how each little piece of observed country-living fit into the larger painting Bruegel envisioned.

Much like putting together a complicated jigsaw puzzle, The Mill & the Cross doesn’t tell a story as much as presents insight into how such a remarkable piece of art was constructed. Majewski has created a fascinating ‘art-film’ about the artistic process.

In addition to Hauer, The Mill & the Cross also features Michael  York as Bruegel’s patron Nicholaes Jongelinck and Charlotte Rampling as a peasant woman Bruegel uses as his model for the Virgin Mary.

This is a very different kind of film most of us will have expearienced, but a remarkable cinematic achievement nonetheless.

All films are screened at the Worcester Arts workshop (21 Sansome Street, Worcester). Tickets are £5 on the door. Box office opens at 7:00, and the film starts at 7:30. Café Bliss is also open for a pre-show treat. For more information on any our films, please contact Mikel Koven at, follow our blog ( or look us on Facebook.


 The Mill & the Cross (Poland & Sweden, 2011, Lech Majewski) 92 min. TBC.

22 April, 2012 @ 19:30

Tickets £5 on the door

Worcester Arts Workshop, 21 Sansome Street, Worcester, WR1 1UH


Pieter Bruegel's The Way to Calvary

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