The Genie Awards (Canada’s Oscars) on 8 March

 On Thursday night, the Canadian Genie Awards are presented.

I’ve not managed to see ANY of these films, but maybe we’ll launch our Fall season with the new Cronenberg film, A Dangerous Method?

Details of the awards and the full list of nominations can be found here:

Mortensen, Fassbender, Cassel & Cronenberg? I can’t wait!

Here’s the trailer



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2 responses to “The Genie Awards (Canada’s Oscars) on 8 March

  1. Yes! I shall avoid going to see it at the cinema now and wait to see it at Splendid Cinema x

  2. Mikel J. Koven

    No love for Croneneberg at the Genies last night, but Viggo did walk off with a Supporting Actor statue.
    Monsieur Lazhar was the big winner – I’m hearing a lot of good things about this film and think we should definately look into booking it for the Autumn season. (Although it does sound an awful lot like the fab documentary Être et avoir)
    Full details of the Genies can be found here:

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